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Our resort has a multifunctional open-air hot spring, as well as more than a dozen different types of hot spring pools such as Huaxing Pool (Chinese map), Six Medicine Pool, High Temperature Pool, Aromatherapy Pool, Waterfall Pool, Coffee Pool, Wine Pool, Ginger Pool, Vinegar Pool, Sweet Pool, Wooden Pool, Flower Pool, Ultrasonic Jet Hot Spring Pool,Taiwan Island Pool, Foot Bath, Sudden hot Spring pool, Fruits Pool, Coconut Milk Spring, Triangles Pool, Salt Spray Pool, Salt Pool, Hot Stone and so on.

Besides, there are also Sauna, Steam Bath and other services.

A variety of specialty drinks, Sprite, Cola and Six Medicine Teas are available free of charge in the open air area.

Disinfected swimwear, slippers, towels, wipes, toothpaste, paper underwear, swimming caps, etc. are provided free of charge in the locker room.


1. You can enjoy fruits, snacks, teas and soft drinks in the first floor lounge.
2. Aromatherapy house on the second floor is available for sleep and rest.