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Chinese Restaurant

The Chinese Restaurant is spacious, bright, simple and elegant. Gathering the North and South dishes, it mainly produces the local pastoral special flavor dishes. Equipped with its own farm, vegetables, fruits, chickens, ducks and fish are directly supplied to the kitchen.

CC Cellar

Romantic French style, warm and full of exotic atmosphere. From the elaborately pan-fried steak to the carefully baking dessert, each food is palatable and worth tasting.

Hot Pot Restaurant

Hot pot - is popular among Chinese people. People gather around a small pot boiled filled with flavorful and nutritious soup base. You have a choice of spicy, pure and combo for the soup base. Thin sliced raw variety meat, fish, vegetables are boiled in the soup base. You then dip them in a little bowl of special sauce.

San Yuan Snack Food

San Yuan Snack Food Street provides porridge, noodles, Guangdong dessert, and snacks for 24 hours a day. From 6 pm to 2 am, there are barbecues, fried snails, steamed rice rolls, and various snacks. 

Asia Food Restaurant

As a exquisite snack bar, the Asia restaurant produces various of Asian cuisine.