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Company Profile

    Imperial Hot Spring is a large comprehensive regional tourism resort. The national 4A-level scenic spot opened on February 28, 1998, officially establishing itself as China’s first open-air hot spring tourism resort. Visitors can enjoy The Executive lounge , two four-star resort hotels, and large-scale meeting banquets in addition to the hot spring . The resort is also home to the Longevity Pavilion, a health maintenance court with in-house imperial physicians. As the founder of the hot spring tourism industry in China, the Imperial brand is responsible for the rising hot spring tourism trend. The resort is devoted to promoting Chinese hot spring culture whilst developing sustainability. It is committed to providing individualized, multi-faceted experiences for guests. 

    Imperial Hot Spring owns the exclusive management power of hot spring resources. The hot springs are completely natural and are never warmed or recycled. The open-air garden boasts more than ten types of feeding, situational and private hot spring. Ancient nursing secrets have been utilised to invigorate the "pure bathing method" and the hot spring nursing of "five body constituents". With its innovative Yue-style Tang houses, The Classical Hotel offers a sanctuary that is both peaceful and elegant. The Cozy Hamlet Hotel have been merged together to create a fun, enticing place for guests to get relax. The original “cuisine fair in hot spring town” provides four hours of limitless eating and enjoyment.

Prospect idea

Wu Daban, the founder of Imperial Hot Spring, discovered Doumen hot spring bathroom by accident. Moved by the precious resources, he contemplated the noble history of hot spring culture and felt inspired to revive it. And so, Daban created Imperial Hot Springs, a tourist resort which is founded on the historically sublime hot spring culture. Given the exclusive characteristics of the hot spring brand, “Imperial” seemed to be a fitting enterprise name.

Enterprise mission: Carry forward the sublime Chinese hot spring culture

Historically, the Chinese hot spring has been a part of a long and majestic culture enjoyed by imperial noblemen. Imperial Hot Spring thus carries forward the imperial culture of the hot spring, elevating its status and celebrating the sublime.

Enterprise prospect: Create a famous Chinese hot spring enterprise of sustainable development
As a brand, Imperial Hot Spring aims to create a hot spring tourism enterprise with continuous benign management, sustainable development and utilisation of hot spring resources. They will continue to innovate Imperial products and operation while continuously growing their loyal passenger groups. At the heart of Imperial’s development is the core value of "nourishing the mind". The hot spring culture is rich and hard to duplicate and so “exclusive dignity” is also essential to the brand.   
Social responsibility

Imperial Hot Spring attaches great importance to cultivating quality and professionalism in its staff. They have accordingly invested in Imperial Hot Spring Chunhui School, where a range of professional training takes place. The school cooperates with renowned domestic universities and vocational schools to offer academic education and professional courses. The school founded the first undergraduate major of hot spring tourism management recognized by the country in the Chinese higher education field. Imperial has attained an abundance of achievements for its educating efforts. Moreover, the company is widely recognized for its leading teaching material on hot spring tourism management at home. 

The enterprise subsequently participates in the standardization work of hot spring service in a number of ways. First, Imperial is the dominating figure when it comes to formulating the national and local standard of hot spring tourism service in China. In fact, they formulated the first standard of the hot spring industry alliance at home. The company undertakes the secretariat of SAC/TC264/SC3 and that of GD/TC103.

Imperial Hot Spring is a competitive company that cultivates professionals for the hot spring tourism industry. According to incomplete statistics, 15,000 trainees once accepted training from Imperial Hot Spring on a national scale. The company has thus gained a reputation by the industry as "the Whampoa Military Academy of the Chinese hot spring tourism industry". 

Over the years, Imperial Hot Spring has gained a glowing reputation. The list of honoured titles includes:
“The pioneer of Chinese hot spring tourism industry”
“Top ten most influential brands in China”
“Famous tourism Chinese brand”
“Double-demonstration enterprise of the national-level and Guangdong provincial-level hot spring service standard”
“AAAA demonstration enterprise with standardized good behavior in Guangdong Province”
“Unit of Mayor Quality Award in Zhuhai.”


Imperial Hot Spring lead the constant innovative development of hot spring tourism and culture in China. As a brand, Imperial sticks to constant innovation and diligently manages the famous Chinese enterprise of hot spring.
Development history

On February 28, 1998, Zhuhai Imperial Hot Spring Resort celebrated its grand opening.

In October 1998, it held the first service skill competition of "Imperial Hot Spring Cup". The competition has been held once more since then.


On December 16, 1999,The Classical Hotel of Zhuhai Imperial Hot Spring Resort celebrated its grand opening.


In July 2000, Imperial formally promoted the "four emotional thoughts" ideology. This comprises of emotional service, emotional management, emotional management, and emotional work. This philosophy has since been regarded as the soul of Imperial Hot Spring. Experts of the tourism industry have said that "the four emotional thoughts of Imperial Hot Spring are the pioneering work of the Chinese tourism industry".


On January 13, 2002, Imperial Hot Spring formally promoted its unique "Golden Button" service incentive mechanism.

In October 2002, Imperial Hot Spring passed international and domestic double certifications. This included the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system.

In October 2002, Imperial Hot Spring won one of the three national AAAA-level green hotels. At the time, this was the only one in the hot spring tourism industry.

In October 2002, Imperial Hot Spring cooperated with Shaoguan University to set up the first junior college class of the hot spring tourism management major in China.



In February 2003, "Hot Spring Leisure Tourism" of China Tourism News sponsored by Imperial Hot Spring was created. It included one periodical per month.

On April 29, 2003, Imperial Hot Spring held the first "Imperial Hot Spring Cup" joker team competition.

On November 30, 2003, the first hot spring tourism high-level forum & experience seminar of Zhuhai Imperial Hot Spring was successfully held in Zhejiang Hall of the Great Hall of the People.


On September 13, 2004, the founding conference of Guangdong Tourism Association Hot Spring Branch was held in Imperial Hot Spring. Imperial Hot Spring was selected as the president unit. Wu Daban of Imperial Hot Spring was selected as the first president.

On December 25, 2004, the "1st China Brand Conference" was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Imperial Hot Spring won two honours of the highest honest brand. The first of these was the honorary title of "Pioneer of the Chinese Hot Spring Tourism Industry" and the second was the honorary title of "Top Ten Most Influential Brands in China".


On July 1, 2006, Imperial Hot Spring formally implemented the Service Standards of Hot Spring Tourism in Guangdong Province. This was the first Chinese local standard of hot spring tourism.


On March 28, 2007, China Travel & Tourism Press published the first formal senior teaching materials of hot spring tourism management. The materials were jointly compiled by Imperial Hot Spring and Jilin University (Zhuhai). The set of teaching materials were nominated by the China Tourism Association as the recommended teaching materials for hot spring tourism management.


On September 19, 2009, Imperial Hot Spring successfully held The Cozy Hamlet Hotel  product news conference. This foresaw the arrival of the new era of hot spring life.


On March 18, 2011, Imperial Hot Spring passed the check and acceptance of standardized good behaviour in Guangdong Province. The group won the honorary title of "the enterprise with AAAA-level standardized good behavior".

On August 3, 2011, Zhuhai Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism sponsored the opening ceremony of Zhuhai Tourism Training Center. This took place in the Zhuhai Imperial Hot Spring.

From September 8-9, 2011, Imperial Hot Spring passed the project evaluation and acceptance with 96 points by the country and 97 points by Guangdong Province. The company became the first double-pilot standardized enterprise of both national and provincial-level service industry to pass the evaluation and acceptance in the Guangdong Province.


In 2012, Xiaotang Town of Imperial Hot Spring was rated as the "display base of intangible cultural heritage in Zhuhai City".

On December 21, 2012, the opening ceremony of SAC/TC264 Hot Spring Service Sub-technical Committee was held in Zhuhai Imperial Hot Spring. Imperial Hot Spring was approved as the undertaking unit of the secretariat of National Hot Spring Service Sub-technical Committee.


On October 20, 2015, Zhuhai Municipal Government awarded Imperial Hot Spring with the honorary title of "Mayor Quality Award in Zhuhai".

On November 30, 2015, Guangdong Quality Technique Supervision Bureau approved to set up GD/TC103. Imperial Hot Spring was approved as the undertaking unit of the secretariat of the committee.


On February 28, 2017, Imperial Hot Spring formally released the first Chinese national standard, Basic Terms of Hot Spring Service.

On March 30, 2017, Zhuhai Imperial Hot Spring Resort was approved by the Quality Grade Rating Committee of Guangzhou Tourism Scenic Spot as the national AAAA-level tourism resort.


On February 28, 2019, Imperial Hot Spring proposed and implemented the hot spring water resource announcement of enterprises: Self-Statement of Hot Spring Water Resources of Imperial Hot Spring. The announcement comprised of the following statements:

1. Exclusive hot spring resources within the region.

2. Silicic acid hot mineral water.

3. The colour is yellow and the taste is salty.

4.  The well depth of the hot spring is 152m.

5. The outlet water temperature of the spring is 72°.

6.  It enters the pond when the heat exchange is reduced to 45°.

7. Heating will never be done with any mode.

8. It will never be recycled.